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Today’s New York Times front page featured an article about how stressed out college students are.

You can read it here.

The article inspired me to write a post for our Power of Two Blog about how families can help build resilient kids.  Here’s where to find that.

At the same time, I also work with teens and college students who are struggling to hold it all together.  Here are two conversations we almost always have.

Conversation 1: What is the worst case scenario?  What are you most anxious about?  What would make you even more stressed about this?  And then, we tackle that problem first. There’s nothing like a solid plan to relieve stress.

Conversation 2: What are you doing to build healthy, happiness-inspiring activities into your life?  Do you exercise?  Do you chat with friends?  What hobbies do you enjoy?  And then, we work together to build a life that incorporates these routines into every day.

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